Grinnell, Iowa man sets new record for longest penis in the world

A 28-year old man from Grinnell, Iowa now officially has the world’s longest penis after he was measured by the world record authority at his home earlier this week.

The new world record holder, who requested to be identified only as Brad to protect his identity, spoke to journalists at a press conference held after the measurement ceremony. “I am just thrilled at this, as you can imagine,’ he said.

Prior to Brad’s record breaking measurement, the world’s longest penis was a title held by Mexican man Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, who set the record with a measurement of 18.9 inches (48.1 cm) back in 2015. Since then, many men around the world have attempted to take the crown, but all have failed – until now.

Brad’s penis was officially measured at 19.1 inches (48.5 cm) by the world record judges, earning him the title of world’s longest. It was a remarkable achievement for Brad, particularly as he has not always had such a long penis.

While having an extra long penis might sound like a blessing, Brad did reveal that it has made some aspects of life a bit harder. “Unfortunately my girlfriend broke up with me because I was just too big for her,” he told reporters. “Finding a suitable partner is going to be pretty tough, but hopefully there’s a girl out there who can handle [my penis].”