Pennsylvania woman charged; forced child to eat ‘laxatives and hot sauce’

An array of hot sauces pose in this file photo. Source: Facebook
An array of hot sauces pose in this file photo. Source: Facebook

A woman from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania has been charged with forcing a 4-year old boy to ‘eat laxatives and hot sauce’, according to local media reports.

Authorities claim that the woman first bound the child, before she “fed him a laxative concoction” and then made him drink hot sauce without water. The child was also allegedly kept ‘barricaded in a closet’.

Furthermore, it is claimed that the woman verbally abused the child.

State Police began to investigate after a witness reported suspected abuse. Subsequent examinations revealed that the child ‘bruises and burns’ caused by abuse. The child is now believed to be living with relatives.

The woman’s bail has been set at $300,000, and it was reported by local media that bail has not yet been posted. Unsurprisingly, social media commentators have voiced their shock at learning of the news. “Why do things like this happen to poor children,” wrote one Facebook user. Another social media user from the UK also complained that the government needs to do more for child welfare and mental health: “We spend so much money on the military; why can’t we help out families more?”