Police arrest Brisbane man found with ‘loaded gun hidden in bottom’

An unrelated gun poses in this file photo. Source: Facebook
An unrelated gun poses in this file photo. Source: Facebook

Australian police have announced that an unusual item was discovered tucked between a Brisbane man’s buttocks.

After a gun was discovered inside the suspect’s car, police went to inspect his apartment. During the search, local media reports that a loaded handgun was found in the man’s bottom.

Media have reported that the suspect is alleged to be associated with a motorbike gang. He has been charged with the possession of both guns, which are strictly controlled in Australia.

Speaking to the press, a senior Police commander highlighted that the cops who made the discovery have done a good job.

“It was great work by city officers acting promptly on reported suspicious activity and conducting a thorough search of the vehicle,” he is reported to have said.

The man who was found with the loaded gun in his bottom will appear before court next month. In the meantime, social media users in Australia have debated the risks involved with storing a loaded weapon in such a sensitive area. “I shudder to think what might have happened if he broke wind,” wrote a woman from Tasmania.